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Traditional team building activities can leave some people cold...

Using professional singers, set designers and lighting and production staff I have put together a team building programme that is utterly unique and that fosters entirely new relationships and comradery within any corporate structure.

The “team” will take chorus, acting and possibly cameo roles in an opera. This could be a full production or scenes.

Principle roles will be sung by professional singers who will work with the team.

Everyone will be instructed and directed both in terms of acting and singing and a single or run of public performances will be delivered at the end of the programme.


  • Auditions
    • The “team” will be interviewed and then auditioned by myself and a panel of artists to determine their role in the forthcoming performance and their needs in terms of tutelage and direction.
  • Briefing
    • The “team” will be briefed as to their roles individually, the expectations of the organisers and company, the Opera in question and given a schedule of rehearsal.
  • Music rehearsals
    • Individuals will be given some time to familiarise themselves with the music they need to learn and help with learning it. They will be expected to know their line before the first music rehearsal. There will be a series of music rehearsals to get the team cohesive.
  • Production rehearsals
    • Through production rehearsals the team will work with professional singers and a professional director to put together the show. They will take individual and group direction.
  • Performance
    • The show will be performed at a venue to be agreed either to the rest of the company. This could be part of a conference or perhaps to the public or clients.

Just fill in your details in the box above and I will send you my free 5 part introductory course or email me to organise a free introductory session or find out how your company can qualify for a grant to run a performance in business coaching programme.


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