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Public speaking and presentation skills seminars

Where there are a number of business people gathered together there is always opportunity for the sharing of ideas and the education of all. There is also ample opportunity for dreary presentation on stuffy topics delivered by jaded or inexperienced presenters.
What every conference, gathering or forum needs is a seminar dealing with issues in an entertaining, dynamic and practical format that absolutely everyone in the room will relate to.

Whoever you are, whatever your function at work you can always perform better in terms of what you get from others.

I regularly speak at networking events, associations and corporate functions and would be delighted to come to you. My seminars are an entertaining and slightly irreverent look at how performance really is core to business success, but it’s not all about the bottom line.

In my seminar amongst other things we will:

  • Investigate the uncanny and little known synergy between opera and business success.
  • Explore how voice, posture, gesture and eyebrows are not just things you are born with and when used properly how they and other neglected parts of the body can really give you an edge.
  • Take a look at breathing, pelvic floor muscles and strange things that you can do with your larynx to overcome nerves and instil confidence.

All my business presentation skills and public speaking seminars are bespoke to the audience I perform to.

And I insist on working with you to make sure content is 100% relevant and that any quirky facets of your company or industry are incorporated into my performance.

Please email me or call me on 07968 950660 to discuss how I can liven your event up.


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