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Public speaking workshops, seminars and much more

Many people are literally terrified of public speaking.

Many of these people find themselves in a situation either in their business life or personal life where they have to speak in public. They do not have the performance techniques to do this and consequently they do not perform anywhere near their ability. They also suffer a great deal of unnecessary anxiety along the way.

This could be in any of the following situations:

  • Conference, symposium, etc – i.e. delivery from stage or behind a podium
  • In a business pitch or presentation
  • Speaking to a gathering of colleagues, business peers or senior executives
  • Board meetings
  • 60 seconds in a networking scenario
  • Networking in general
  • At interview
  • One 2 one situations
  • Speech at a wedding or other social event

The solution

I work with any individuals who are concerned about public speaking, or who lack confidence or presence. I teach practical performance techniques that will transform them.

In terms of their confidence, delivery, conviction and ultimately the quality of their performance when speaking in public and using their newly acquired presentation skills, they will be unrecognisable.

I offer a 100% money back guarantee* on all products.

If at any time during the workshop or before the end of the first of any series of group sessions an individual feels they are not learning from me or that the experience is not worth the price of the workshop, seminar or coaching programme then I will refund whatever they have paid immediately in cash.

I run...


  • Groups of 30 or more.
  • Hour long seminars focused on individuals, be they junior staff or senior executives who might benefit from a little more confidence, presence and assertiveness. My seminars are entertaining whist giving some practical tips on dealing with issues such as nerves and anxiety, presence and bearing, whether in day to day work experience or other unknown, uncomfortable business situations.


  • Groups of between 10 and 20 individuals.
  • Our workshops are a more comprehensive exploration of how theatrical techniques can help in a business environment, be that in pitches or presentations, one to one meetings, interview or team management.


  • One to three + coaching for individuals or businesses
  • There are a variety of ways of delivering performance coaching to small groups either of individuals or perhaps a department or business team. All based around the 4 cornerstones of performance each coaching programme is specific to the needs of the group and involves the opportunity to put techniques learned into practice in real life scenarios.

Team building through opera

  • For senior or middle management.
  • Your team will work together with professional singers and a director to produce and perform in an opera. This might be an entire show, costumed and staged or scenes from well known pieces, either way it will be performed in front of an audience and will get everyone working together in a creative and challenging environment unfamiliar to all.

Just fill in your details in the box above and I will send you my free introduction to the 4 cornerstones of performance or email me to organise a free introductory session or find out how your company can qualify for a grant to run a performance in business coaching programme.


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“4 cornerstones of performance”

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