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Public speaking & presentation skills free tips and advice

I regularly attend networking events, presentations, seminars across the UK and I constantly see areas of presentation or public speaking that cause problems.

These problems stem from nerves, fear, lack of preparation and so on might manifest themselves, for example as Umm-ing and err-ing, fidgeting and swaying, gabbling, talking to a script or a presentation screen.

I am also asked questions: How should I use presentation aids and props? How can I have more presence? How do I stop umms and errs?

And I have taken to putting down some practical tips and advice in video form which I will constantly add to. So if you would like to view these tips just fill in your details click on any of the links below.

Video 1

Introduction to the 4 cornerstones of performance

I teach the “4 cornerstones of performance” – Preparation, content, delivery and conviction. In this 30 minute video I have set down what these actually represent and gone into the essence of the techniques that I use. There are plenty of practical tips and advice. Just click on the link below to access this introduction and to start performing better

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Video 2

Introduce yourself more effectively

Even if you have prepared your 60 second introduction it is easy to commit at least one, perhaps all of these cardinal sins:

  • Apologise or excuse yourself before you say anything else.
  • Start hanging on to furniture.
  • You may speak to the floor or a table, the wall or ceiling.
  • You might get hemmed in and half of your audience will hear you literally talk out of your backside.
  • You might have brought a script – which you probably know backwards – but you can’t let go of it, in fact it has become your only friend and by far the most important thing in the room.
  • You may mumble, umm and err or gabble throughout your introduction.
  • You may try to say far too much.

For a handful of practical tips that will stop you doing any of these heinous crimes just click on the link below

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Video 3

To Um or not to UM

We all get nervous when we have to stand up and speak in front of a crowd. Some of us gabble, some apologise before saying anything at all, some get so nervous they can’t speak and often by far the most common verbal punctuations used when we are nervous are the two grunts “um” and “er”.  

In most cases we have absolutely no idea that we are even saying these meaningless words. Just click the link below for a handful of practical tips that could stop you ever um-ing or er-ing again.

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Video 4

Death by PowerPoint

If you, your colleagues or employees use presentation aids, do they add to their presentation or serve only to bore the room?

Just click the link below for some handy tips on how to avoid being killed by PowerPoint just click.

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Video 5

Presenting from a script

Do you, your colleagues or employees ever use a script or some notes to help when presenting. This might be at a networking event to introduce yourself or your business; it might be an agenda or comprehensive notes for a meeting or presentation.

If this is something you do regularly or even occasionally there are some things you absolutely should avoid doing.

If you would like some handy tips on the do’s and don’ts of presenting off a script just click on the link below.

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