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Overcoming the fear of public speaking

Developing Public speaking and presentation skills is an essential part of business life and one rarely taught well.

You are your businesses most important marketing tool, but has your business made any real investment in making sure you perform to the best of your ability?

It’s incredible how often you can find yourself in situations which are uncomfortable. When you have to address a group of people with whom you are not familiar (or even worse they may be friends or colleagues) and you have to make a real impression.

Yes I mean public speaking – the world’s number one fear!

We all need to perform every day however sometimes this “performance” may well be speaking in public and you might be terrified at the prospect.
This could be talking at a conference or some other formal event; it could be a wedding speech, presentation, a pitch or a client review. You may be chairing an important meeting, briefing a team, cold calling or be faced with an important one to one appointment or interview.

Whatever the situation - you need to perform at your best and if you are ill prepared and untutored then in most instances you will not.

Working with me either by attending a performance in business public speaking and presentation skills workshop or seminar or enrolling on any of my comprehensive corporate coaching programmes will give you an understanding of the many practical, physical and mental techniques that will dramatically improve your performance when speaking in public.

I will:

  • Give you greater confidence.
  • Allow you to be more assertive.
  • Give you far greater ability to cope with challenging situations.
  • Engender greater respect from your colleagues, staff, clients, customers and prospects.
  • Greatly enhance your credibility.
  • Help you be persuasive and convincing.
  • Give you the power to be heard and the presence to be noticed.

Just fill in your details in the box above and I will send you my free introduction to the 4 cornerstones of performance or email me to organise a free introductory session or find out how your company can qualify for a grant to run a performance in business coaching programme.


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